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Crossfit Fitness Latex Elastic Chest Expander

Item No.: SLCE-03
Brand Name: Intlslim
Place of Origin: Rizhao, China (Mainland)
1.Product Name: Crossfit Fitness Latex Elastic Chest Expander
2.Material: TPR+foam
3.Color: Red, yellow, black, purple or customized
4.Size: 6*9*1000mm/7*11*1000mm/8*12*1000mm
5.Weight: Max. load weight:85 LBS
6.Logo: Could add customized logo
7.MOQ: 100pcs
8.Sample Time: (1)3-7days-If need customized logo.
  (2)within 2days- for existing samples
9. OEM Service: Yes
10.Certificates Available: Yes
11.Packing details: Color box, packing size: 12.5X4.8X17cm
12.Feature: 1.Natural latex tube: Thickened natural latex tube, strong tension, safe and durable, not easy to break.
2.Elastic foam handle: Handle foam package, non-toxic, no stimulation, no odor, safety, environmental protection. Avoid climate change or movement caused overheating, humidity,skidding and so on.
3.Anti wear design: The main body of non slip wear resistance, tensile properties, tensile strength up to more than a dozen Mpa, breaking elongation up to more than ten times.
13.Function: Multifunctional abdominal device: The main function is to eliminate the arm, abdomenl,legs excess fat, exercise, easy to carry. 
14.Production Capacity: 5,000pcs per month
15.Ports: Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai

How to use?
Through the different exercise posture can make exercise in a safe manner, accelerate blood circulation and improve and The new supersedes the old., great for muscle relaxation, especially on exercise chest and shoulders, back muscle strength and muscle endurance has obvious effect.
1. After lying on the floor, two arm, parallel to the floor, his hands holding the chest stretch.
2. The arm is parallel to the ground, the upper arm and the lower arm are 90 degrees, and both hands pull the handles on both sides in parallel.
3. Arm lift is higher than the head position, hands holding the chest, stretching.
4. The body down, a knee lift ground, tiptoe touch the ground on the other foot, feet stretch the chest.
5. The upper thigh lift, lie down, bend the leg was 90 degrees, the middle sole on the chest, hands pulled the handle, legs and hands to stretch the chest

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