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Face Yoga to Get Back Firm and Glowing Skin

Recently, face yoga has been recognized as an ultimate antiaging workout for youthful and  radiant facial skin. It is not exactly a trend as of now, but it can significantly tone,  tighten and brighten your facial skin. While you might consider them as just funny faces,  but these are quite effective. In addition, face yoga does not need yoga mats and yoga accessories, you could practice anytime and anywhere.
These exercises work on all the skin layers, boost collagen production, improve blood  circulation, increase oxygen flow to the skin cells and strengthen small muscles. The best  thing about face yoga is that you will begin noticing a glowing and radiant face within the  first two weeks.
You should take a gradual start and do face yoga around three times a week, 20 minutes each  time. Gradually, you can increase up to 6 times a week. This can be easily done while you  are traveling to your work in your car’s backseat and there is seriously no excuse enough  for not doing face yoga.
1. Pucker Up
This is the best exercise to tone and firm your muscles, especially around your lips.  Pucker up your lips and vibrate them to produce sound similar to that of a motorboat. You  can stop when your mouth starts feeling tingly.

2. Stick Your Tongue Out
Relieve the tension and revive your facial muscles by sticking your tongue out. Protrude  your tongue out towards your chin while keeping your eyes wide open, looking slightly  upwards. Squeeze the muscles at the front side of your throat. Roar your loudest while you  exhale. Repeat this three times and relax your tongue. Repeat the exercise.

3. Smooth Over Those Crease Lines
This pose allow you realize that all those unintentional brow movements have created lines  on your forehead. Curl the index fingers and thumbs of both the hands to form “C” and  then, place the curled index finger on your eyebrows.
Let your thumbs press your cheeks at the same time. Press your fingers downwards and  outwards while opening your eyes as wide open as possible. Make sure to press your brows  down to prevent creasing on your forehead. Close your eyes. Repeat this exercise two times.

4. Tone Up Your Cheeks
This exercise can effectively work on the muscles in your cheek area to reduce appearance  of fine lines and expression lines. Take a deep breath and puff up your cheeks to tone your  facial skin. Move the air inside your mouth breath from one cheek to other until no air is  left in your mouth.

5. Reduce Your Slacking Chin
Technology might have given you a double chin and a tech neck, but you can still redefine  your jaw. Turn your head in the right direction and tilt your chin upwards, towards the  ceiling. Press the tip of your tongue on your mouth’s roof, smile and then swallow. Hold  to this position for a couple of seconds. Repeat the whole exercise 10 times on both the  sides as well as on the middle of your mouth for best results.
These simple exercises can tone up your facial skin to achieve a firm, glowing and radiant  skin within a span of few weeks. Hope, you would definitely spend a few minutes daily doing  these exercises for that natural, flawless glow.