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Some yoga accessories will help you to improve yoga

Yoga block
A yoga block is an affordable and easy way to start experimenting with yoga accessories. A yoga block can help you reach the floor when you just can’t get there, for example during Triangle Pose, and provide a stable and support base to hold on to.
You can also sit on them during forward folds for better alignment and to help you stretch forwards, or use them to prop you up in poses such as pigeon pose.
Yoga wheel
Perhaps a more unusual piece of yoga equipment, a yoga wheel can be used to help you stretch out, relieve tension, and improve flexibility. It looks a little daunting but it can be used by both beginners and advanced yogis, and is a popular tool for massaging the back and opening up the chest and shoulders to relieve tension.
It can also be used to prop you up as a block would when you can’t quite reach the floor. For more advanced yogis, it’s particularly useful for helping you ease into a backbend, providing support to help reduce injury.
Yoga strap
Straps are great for helping you out when you can’t quite stretch far enough to fully get into a pose. Perhaps you can’t reach your toes yet, or your hands don’t meet each other behind your back, a strap is useful to have by your mat for a variety of poses.
They are also great for both experienced yogis who want to extend and deepen the stretch, taking their practice further, and also for beginners who might still be working on their flexibility and looking for a little extra support.
A good aid for those who prefer a more relaxing style of yoga, a bolster can be used to support you during relaxation poses such as Savasana or when seated in meditation poses.
However, it can also be used during more challenging poses such as forward fold to give you a softer and more comfortable support.
Hand towel
A towel is a handy accessory for any yoga class, especially those such as Ashtanga or Bikram which really work up a sweat. But a yoga hand towel isn’t just for wiping your brow after class.
Often made using a slip-resistant, highly absorbent fabric, these smaller-sized towels are perfect for giving you some extra grip during your flow. Just place the towel on your yoga  mat and under your hands and to benefit from extra hold during all of your poses.
Exercise Balance Pad
This thick, somewhat firm and cushy pad is a versatile tool to keep on hand for daily practices and yoga-enhancing exercises. The soft surface challenges your balance, making basic poses and exercises much harder. Since so many yoga poses require exceptional balance, this will benefit the rest of your practice as your core gets stronger and body awareness increases. It’s also great for putting under your knees or elbows for added support.
Yoga Gloves
Whether your hands slide too much, or you travel frequently and can’t always pack a yoga mat, yoga gloves are a must-have accessory for a stronger practice. These open-fingered, lightweight gloves are covered on the inside with small rubber dots to give you amazing grip and stability. They’re perfect for hot yoga or on carpet and hard floors when you don’t have a mat handy for your sun salutations.
Stability Exercise Ball
Tighten your core and improve flexibility with this multi-tasking yoga ball. This simple, inexpensive workout tool can be used as a desk chair, a back stretcher or a way to make crunches more challenging.